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The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger is Made For Horror Fans

Written & directed by Brad Mills, the piece is an authentic sendup to the campy b horror films we all grew up with – Cult Classics like Friday the 13th, Psycho Cop and Sleepaway Camp, which, as young and impressionable youths, offered us the answers to life’s big questions such as “What was that noise?“, “Why is everyone vanishing?” and “Sure there’s demonic serial killer on the rampage, but do you want to make out in this tent?” Here’s a totally rad story and like, some alliteration to go with it – Ranger is the first Facebook funded feature film. Mills raised $50,000 to shoot the free movie through Facebook, no guff! Facebook ‘The New’ Hollywood Facebook is also where the Director met Tom Hodge from The Dude Designs, who is the genius behind the film’s beloved poster, which puts you in the shoes of the dumb teenager from every…